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A Day in My Writer’s Life

We often wonder how our favorite music and film stars spend their days and believe it or not, many book fans also want to know how their beloved authors organize their time. I know some of you are power readers and a lot of you may also be writers as well. I know that for me, learning more about the people whose books I’m reading endears me to them and also inspires me to continue on my artistic journey.

So in that vein, I am sharing what a typical day for me looks like.


I start my day with coffee and a “staff” meeting with the hubby. He and I are the only staff, but we go over everything we have to do that day.
I go downstairs and get yelled at by my cat, Wynona. Yes, that’s her in the picture. Some think this is a frightened expression, but it’s her normal wide-eyed look. She also gives the best “fresh food and water, NOW face!” I then pet my dog, Butler, so she’ll stop flopping at my feet and trying to trip me.


Here comes the fun stuff! Household chores, laundry and dusting. Truth moment: I hate to vacuum. I then pick up the kids from school and chauffeur (because that’s what parents are, right?) them to all their extracurricular activities. After taking a breather, I handle whatever needs to be done for our sunglass business. Entrepreneurs rock! Whoo-hoo!


In a flash it seems to be dinner time. For my part, I just eat, no cooking for me. My hubby does that. I then chill with the whole family and later, everybody but me and Butler go to bed. We are the night owls in the house. I head up to my office to write, edit and read until about 3am and then I’m off to bed.

Whew! I’m tired just reading that, but when you have dreams and goals, you just have to do what it takes to get it done. When you’re doing what you love and get to share it with the loves of your life it makes it that much easier.

How do you organize your day to get all of your creative pursuits in? What are you working on?

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