Addicted to Snapchat?

It’s okay to admit it. I promise not to judge you or tell anyone. Please say it with me out loud. “I am addicted to Snapchat.” Now breathe out. Feels better doesn’t it? If you just repeated those words, you are not alone. 100 million people use the social media app every day to share their daily activities, post live from events, weigh in on global happenings and to simply connect with friends and have fun.

At a reported 9,000 snaps per second, Snapchat proves popular because of its special features. The geofilters that showcase your regional location and give you the ability to transform your face play a part in that along with the fact that you can only shoot 10 seconds of video at a time and your posts disappear after 24 hours. What’s not to love as a Snapper?

Just like on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the tendency to overshare or post your full day’s schedule of activities is tempting and for some, depending on what they are using Snapchat for, that may understandable and quite possibly recommended. In that case it wouldn’t be an addiction but an active and aware decision. Examples of this could be if you are a travel blogger, news or entertainment personality or an Internet celebrity. In these cases, you can boost your income and make a living on social media, so feeding the beast is very necessary.

If you’re a casual and regular Snapchat user, it does make sense to monitor your usage so you’re not uselessly flooding the web waves, but most importantly, spending some time offline is good for all of us. Have you ever missed a key moment at a sporting event because you were trying to find the right filter? Also, if you take stock of what you’re sharing and notice that it’s repetitive or not truly reflective of who you are, you may need to adjust your posting habits.

Snapchat is super cool and fun, but it can and should be used as a business tool too and striking the right balance can only be beneficial for you and your friends and other followers.

Are you addicted to Snapchat? Share why in the comments.

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