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The Lost Girl is Now Available!

Agatha, Jonah, Lenox and friends are back!

The Lost Girl – Volume Two of The Lost Knight Series is now available on Amazon paperback and Kindle. The cover looks amazing in-person and we’re so excited to continue this journey with you.

Stay tuned for holiday giveaways, a new book trailer, excerpts and more. Thank you so much for your support and happy reading!

The Lost Knight, Volume II

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Unicorn, Pegasus or Dragon? Giveaway at Night Owl Reviews

We’ve got a super fun giveaway going on at, that asks the fire-breathing question: If you can only adopt one, which will it be: Unicorn, Pegasus or Dragon?

Stop by to share your answer, and enter to win a copy of The Lost Night, plus a $25 Amazon gift card! This giveaway ends in a week, and guys…? I think *the dragons are currently winning.

Head on over there now, and give your favorite magical creatures some love!

*I totally blame Game of Thrones. 😉

The Little Twister & The Big Giveaway

Yeah, so I live in Irma country, and THIS happened:

Not fun. We’re all okay, but needless to say, callin’ in the pros to help clean this mess up.

What IS fun? This giveaway I’m doing with Kathy at I Am a Reader, and her amazing book blogging friends.

Feel free to click here and enter the giveaway:

$50 Blast Giveaway with The Lost Knight

Have fun and good luck! 🙂

Lost Knight Limited $.99 Kindle Discount!

The Lost Knight: Volume I
Limited $0.99 Sale ’til 9/4!

Just a quick note to say hello, I hope you all have had an amazing summer, and because I *heart* my readers, I am discounting The Lost Knight to $.99 on Kindle until 9/4.

Get it while it’s hot, and enjoy! 😀


The Lost Knight March Magic Giveaways

We’ve got three opportunities to win free books right now at GoodReads and at Night Owl Reviews.

Five winners will receive a signed copy of both The Lost Knight and The Lost Girl in a set at GoodReads – click here and here to enter.

At Night Owl Reviews, one lucky winner will receive a free eBook of The Lost Knight and a $25 Amazon gift card. Click here to enter.

It all ends on 3/31, so get in while you can and may the Luckiest Wanderers win!

Get The Lost Knight at NetGalley

The Lost Knight is available at NetGalley until April 9th.

If you’re a book blogger, a Bookstagram or BookTube creator, active on GoodReads/Amazon reviews and enjoy young adult/middle grade fantasy novels (I’m looking at you, Harry Potter fans), we sure would love to exchange a complimentary copy of this book for an honest review.

Here is the link to our listing:
The Lost Knight by Candy Atkins @ NetGalley

To all of you who are out there reading, rating and reviewing books objectively and with heart: novels and writers thrive because of you. Thank you for all that you do to keep our stories alive.

LOST KNIGHT Series Review Round-Up

My readers are amazing! I feel honored and grateful every day. 🙂

​4/5 Stars​
“The Lost Knight by Candy Atkins is a welcome answer to the gap left after the final book in the Harry Potter series.”
-Dr. Jane Nixon White

​4/5 Stars​
“The ocean scene in particular I think should be mandatory reading for all teens due to the craft as much as the message.”
-Author J.D. Estrada

4 / 5 Stars
“It was so refreshing to see a main character who doesn’t have a lot of skills and is scared of things, yet tries to put on a brave face to do what she has to. The ending of this book left me wanting to know what happens next and I can’t wait to read the next one.”Reading with Wrin

​5/5 Stars​
“Even though The Lost Knight Series is meant for the youngest side of YA, Atkins writes with a maturity and an expectation of the reader that’s unparalleled in this genre, while keeping it fun, well-paced and easy to read. The Lost Knight series is a future classic. And I can’t wait to see what happens in The Lost World.” -Amazon Reviewer, The Lost Girl

​5/5 Stars​
“​I know everyone has been saying this, but I’ll add my voice to the chorus: There is no romance.​ ​None at all. The main character is 13 and has no love interest. None of the side characters have any romantic subplot. It was very refreshing.​” -The Vintage Bookworm

The Lost Knight Series 4-Star Review
Available Now on Amazon!

New LOST KNIGHT Series Reviews + Mad Love for My Readers!

Amazing reviews are pouring in for my Lost Knight series, and I can’t stop smiling. A huge thank-you to my readers for the love!

The Lost Knight: Volume I
Volume One: Now Available!


4/5 Stars

“Reading this book made me feel like a teenager once again; it made me feel so young and alive… Looking for a book which brings a new outlook to the fantasy genre; perfect for reading at any age… Stop right here!!!”

~Preeti’s Panorama

4/5 Stars

“You can walk on the ocean, interact with Pegasus, Unicorns, Faeries, and Elves, or have Disney like adventures. Candy Atkins provides everything in this book except thankfully another yet overused romance plot. It’s about time a YA author managed to write a beautifully enchanting adventure without requiring her female character to meet, fall in love and need a man.”

5/5 Stars

“The world building is expertly done… Even though this book was the set up for the series it’s well paced with tension in ever chapter. I had trouble putting it down. I’m glad I already have Book 2, The Lost Girl because I had to know what happens next.”



The Lost Girl: Lost Knight, Volume II
Volume II: Now Available!


5/5 Stars

“Characters that are vivid and fully dimensional but imperfect so you can believe in their actions and motivations… Atkins proves she has a great sense of humor which shines through her characters and the story making it a fun, leisurely-paced and easy to read book. Even though it’s part of the YA genre there’s a maturity to how she writes that makes it quite effortless for adults to still to enjoy this series. She just makes reading pleasurable again!”

4.5/5 Stars

“I really love this series, and I enjoyed this new novel in the series. I thought The Lost Girl was another great read for both younger readers and older readers alike.”

~Maine Wife’s Life

5/5 Stars

“I really enjoyed myself reading this book and I am not entirely sure how I am going to wait for the next book! I loved revisiting this world and all the characters that came with it and I feel like I have an extra special bond with our MC after everything she went through in this book! I cannot wait to see what happens next… especially after that ending!!!!!!!”

~Lauren’s Page Turners

5/5 Stars

“If Hermione and Frodo had a baby her name would be Agatha.” ~Veilsnekmna

A LOST GIRL 5-Star Review

Really excited to see this amazing review from Lauren’s Page Turners! Thank you for the love, Lauren! 🙂

“I really enjoyed myself reading this book and I am not entirely sure how I am going to wait for the next book! I loved revisiting this world and all that characters that came with it and I feel like I have an extra special bond with our MC after everything she went through in this book! I cannot wait to see what happens next… especially after that ending!!!!!!! I gave this book 5/5 stars!”

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Confessions of a Dyslexic Author

The other day I received a message from a nineteen-year-old woman thanking me for my outspoken stance on dyslexia. Here’s my stance in a nutshell. I have severe dyslexia but I don’t have a disability. My brain just works differently than other brains.

I talk openly and honestly about the horrors of growing up in a system that labeled me “Special.” I try to give support to parents and lead by example. I’ve become an unintentional spokesperson by helping people understand what dyslexia is and how to deal with it.

However, lately I’ve been feeling like a fraud.

Just because I’ve made it look easy doesn’t mean it was. Yes, you can become an author despite a limited reading ability, but it’s a tough journey. Dyslexia ranges from a few backwards letters to a fundamental inability to arrange letters, words and sometimes numbers in the correct order. It’s not fixable; you either have the ability or you don’t.

It never goes away. Sometimes you can figure out work-arounds but sometimes you can’t and you have to learn to live with it, which is embarrassing, frustrating and in some instances detrimental to your goals.

Some of the things I deal with are:

1. I can’t read aloud.

Words don’t make sense to me when I read aloud. It also takes an immense amount of concentration to say the correct word in the right order. For example: Librarian and Libertarian look exactly the same to me and if I say them out loud, I don’t know which word will come out. It makes my twitter feed interesting though.

I don’t do many book events because inevitably people will want me to read an excerpt from one of my novels. I’m honest when I explain why I can’t, but the shame is still present. There is still the eight-year-old girl in me standing in front of a classroom trying to get through a presentation.

2. I can’t spell.

It’s not the cute, there, they’re, their misspellings, but a deep lack of understanding of prefixes and suffixes, and many other spelling rules. This also ties into my inability to write by hand. I have a lot of childhood trauma around my handwriting and spelling ability.

I can’t write personal messages in my books. That one hurts because there are many supporters, bloggers, and reviewers who have supported me that I would love to give a special book to, but I can’t.

3. I read very slowly.

I also don’t read linearly, which may be why I can’t read aloud. I had to teach myself to read so who knows what my brain came up with.

I love to read, but it takes me about thirty hours to get through an average novel; compared to my fellow authors who can whip through one in about an hour and a half. I want to support my fellow indies by reviewing, but my list is already so long I’ll be reading for the next two years.

I justify my feelings by telling myself that I also can’t whistle, but no one will call me stupid for not knowing how to do that. Reading and spelling are easy to test so they have become the focus of our standardized testing culture. But the fact remains, if you have trouble reading you are considered dumb.

So as an author I stand on my soapbox and preach that people with dyslexia are creative and clever and survivors, but there is a part of me that feels judged, or more accurately graded. I have a stab of envy when I hear my fellow authors read from their novels. And I dread book signings.

But the point of this is that I do it anyway. I can’t be the typical author doing the standard author stuff. I have to interact more with people at signings. I have a friend read the excerpts from my novels at events and when I write a review for an indie, I mean every hard-fought word.

Having dyslexia makes things difficult but not impossible. I just wanted to share my struggles so anyone else struggling will hopefully not feel alone.

If you are never given “the box” you will always have to think outside of it.