Do You Book Riot or BookCon?

You don’t have to be a writer to love going to book conferences. In fact, people who love to read or are just publishing nerds can get a lot out of frequenting these events.

If you live in the Chicago area, you were just treated to BEA (Book Expo of America) which was held at McCormick Place. The yearly book feast is the largest publishing event in North America and usually held in New York at the Javits Center, but The Windy City got a chance to host it in 2016.

Aside from the 3 days of exhibits and book funnery of the main conference, on the 4th day is when the magic happens for book lovers. BookCon, is less for book publishing professionals like librarians, book vendors, authors and salespeople who sell publishing items and products, but more for people who love to read and fan out over their favorite authors!


While BEA is a more comprehensive book event catering to most aspects of the publishing business, the Bookcon event which was launched in 2014,  is more fun and features Q&A’s and games with authors, book fan activities like literary quiz shows and more. It’s like Santacon, just for books. Fans often line up for hours before the one day event opens and it truly makes authors feel like they are rock stars!

A similar book conference which was introduced to the publishing community in 2015, is Book Riot.  It’s a smaller scale event, but also offers the chance for book nerds to gather, network and meet their favorite authors. This event also offer informative and educational panels with subjects ranging from how a book gets made to what publishers want. The next event takes place in November in New York.

Insider Tip: If you attend Book Riot and have a hankering for sweets, you’ll have to visit Underwest Donuts which is just around the corner from the event space! You won’t be disappointed!  


Have you ever attended either of these events? Do you plan to in the future? Share your book event experiences below!

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