The Lost Knight by Candy Atkins

The Lost Knight: Volume I

The Lost Knight by Candy Atkins
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As far as she knew, Agatha Stone was an average, boring girl who wasn’t particularly smart, interesting, or pretty. She lived an average, boring life with her Auntie and Uncle in their tiny Queens apartment that was packed with garbage and cats. She went to school alone, she painted in her room alone, and if Auntie remembered to buy food, she ate alone. Unless it was her birthday; then she got to stare at a glass marble and get in trouble when the marble didn’t do whatever crazy Auntie thought it was supposed to.

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On her thirteenth birthday, Auntie and Uncle betray Agatha to a strange man who speaks to them in an alien language, then attacks her. She is only able to escape thanks to Jonah, a kindly but terrifying monster who looks just like the Grim Reaper. Jonah keeps her safe, but he tells her all kinds of distressing things about another world: Ashra, a place where monsters and myths are real. He tells her stories about her parents, who had once been Knights on the other side of the divide between worlds. Worst of all, he tells her that she, Agatha Stone, the most pathetic girl in all of New York, is supposed to save both Ashra and Earth from the ravages of war.

“You’re a horse that flies like a bat, acts like a dog and purrs like a cat. Yeah, that’s normal.” ―The Lost Knight

She treks through Ashra to fulfill a quest she doesn’t understand in order to prevent the loss of millions of lives. Jonah leads her across the sea on a voyage of self-discovery, deep into Gwa Twouroch, a cave where your every thought appears before you, and into the castle of the elfin lands, where nothing is what it seems and enemies hide among friends.

Lost Knight Review

So many strange and bizarre creatures tell her they want to help her so she can help them in return—Jonah, whose glaring red eyes disappear into shadow in a twinkle; Dathid, the Prince of the faeries, whose haughtiness is matched only by his beauty and his skill in combat; Lenox, her very own Pegasus, huge, fiercely loyal, and terrifying; Master Sarpedon, a mysterious snake-creature who could either devour her or teach her the ways of the Knight. Everyone is counting on her. It’s too bad they grabbed the wrong girl.

“Finding out about one’s heritage should be finding out your great uncle was a drinker or fought in a war. Not that there are two worlds and monsters are real, that you’re a Knight and apparently a legend.” The Lost Knight

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