The Lost Knight Series by Candy Atkins

The Lost Knight Series

Once the veil is lifted, there is no turning back. Travel even deeper into the lands of myths and monsters with Candy Atkins and her band of mystical misfits. Read excerpts, see Agatha’s amazing drawings, meet the grim reaper (he’s really not at all what you’d think)  and feel the magic there is to being a little bit Lost.

Meet Agatha Stone from THE LOST KNIGHT by Candy Atkins

Agatha Stone

I, Agatha Stone, am nothing special. It’s true. Ask anyone. Sure, living with Auntie and Uncle in New York isn’t easy, mainly because Uncle is never home and Auntie is nuts. Well I’m nuttier. I paint every surface of my room with random art in whatever color I can get my hands on. And I … Continue reading Agatha Stone

The Faeries

Manahata – Faerie Village The light is dim like the sky before sunrise. It’s a deep purplish blue with pink and red streaks. I can see stars and a muted sun. Two moons, right next to each other, are directly overhead. One is brighter than the other, almost like a reflection. There are also several … Continue reading The Faeries

Meet Agatha Stone from THE LOST KNIGHT by Candy Atkins

The Elves

Cromsmead – Elf City When we turn a corner, I literally gasp when a giant castle appears before us, seemingly from nowhere. I saw glimpses of its vibrant peaks when we would crest a hill, but I thought it was the entire town, not a single building. The castle is gigantic and rivals anything I’ve … Continue reading The Elves

THE LOST KNIGHT by Candy Atkins - Official Book Trailer

Official Book Trailer

I’m on the run with the Grim Reaper and a scary soldier. And I’m no longer on Earth. Now I’m expected to be a Knight and a savior to prevent war and the invasion of Earth. But they grabbed the wrong girl. I just don’t know how to tell them. Buy It @: Kindle | Amazon … Continue reading Official Book Trailer