If We All Were Unicorns

As a writer of YA fantasy fiction, sometimes I’m known to go on flights of fancy so today I’d like to explore unicorns which I find beautiful and enchanting. I think in life we’re most affected by limitations, restrictions and barriers. As a writer, I love the ability to stretch, break and demolish anything that may hinder as I see fit. Now, we know that in our daily lives we may not be able to do that. Unicorns though.

Dream-BelieveThose lovely mystical creatures don’t seem to have any shackles on their feet. Lovely and limber, majestic and magical. They have one splendiferous horn, but it doesn’t restrict them from doing anything. It’s almost like a beauty mark that extends up and out into the world knowing it will be noticed and appreciated. Marveled over even.

What if we all had these qualities? What if we all were unicorns? Can you imagine the symphony of compliments we’d receive from the fantastical populace? What merriment would be made?

We’d all smell like cotton candy and kaleidoscope tears. Our station in life would be that of kings and queens. No one left out, no one ridiculed, because we all could see the fabulousness of the other. No one put above another. We’d all stand next to, not in front of, or behind.

When we galloped, it would be in step with each other’s beat. Making beautiful music together. If one of us were in peril, we’d all dash to the rescue. Using all of our elixirs and etheral elements to heal the harm. Crisis averted, we’d dance the waltz of wonder and have a celebration for the unicorn Gods.

What if we all were unicorns? How beautiful would we be?

What’s one thing you’d do that you can’t now if you were a unicorn?

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Candy Atkins

YA Fantasy Author of The LOST KNIGHT Series. Book nerd, geek, believer in faeries & unicorns.

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