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The Lost Knight at GoodReads: Fun, Reviews & New Contest

We are ever grateful for the incredible reviews The Lost Knight’s been receiving, and wanted to thank everyone who not only reads, but follows up with ratings, reviews and recommendations to your bookaholic friends. Keep the addiction to reading flowing everyone – we just may save the world.

To celebrate, head on over to GoodReads and enter to win a signed copy of The Lost Knight. It may or may not save the world, but it’ll be lots of fun. 😉

Enjoy and stay tuned because soon, we will have more for you on Book Two – The Lost Girl!

~Candy, Agatha, Lenox & F(r)iends

Here are some snippets of our favorite reviews (click the links to read the full review).

“For all you Potterheads or Harry Potter geeks, how can you not fall in love with this story and appreciate the fact that it is a female lead.” Sadie, Rising Indies United

“…A sassy pet Pegasus, unicorns, faeries, elves, an ocean you can walk on top of, a scene that gives vibes similar to those from the Disney movie Inside Out, and a cave where anything you think of becomes real. Read it!!” -Olivia, Heir of Glitter

“I cannot recommend this tale enough! I have never seen such genuinely real characters come to life so well, all through the eyes of a young teen caught between childhood and young adulthood and ill-prepared for what she is about to undertake. Start to finish, this is well-written fantasy that shouts: READ ME to all ages, and even better? No teen romantic angst on a single page. Candy Atkins, you have a winner here! A true gem!”Dianne, Tome Tender Book Blog

“The world building was AMAZING! I felt like I could have been there, bouncing on the ocean and what not! I wanted to be there, it all sounds so beautiful! The explanations and the descriptions were rich and I cannot wait to explore more of this world as our characters continue on their journey!”Lauren’s Page Turners

***** 5 Cranky Stars ***** “What a feast of a book! I felt physically ill when I turned the page and realised that I had reached the end of the book.”
Cranky – The Book Curmudgeon

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