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The Magic of Music

What is it about music that it can make us scream with delight when our favorite artists hit the stage or take us back to the very moment we fell in love or got our hearts broken?

Songs are magical because they can tell our life stories better than we can. You know that one melody which can sum up a whole summer or how certain albums can serve as the backdrop for years of your life.

What about when one of your favorite music stars takes a trip to harmony heaven like Prince just did? Don’t you wake up with their songs playing in your head? Songs you may not have even heard or thought about in a while cloud your mind in an endless symphony, sparking precious memories.

Music isn’t a living thing, but somehow it seeps into us and infiltrates our DNA, doesn’t it? Why? I wonder if it’s a combination of things. Like the relation of soundwaves on our psyche. There are studies that show that we are psychologically affected by sound. Some music can even help us learn. But how does music pull on our hearts strings? How can one song that can make us laugh one minute, make us cry the next?

I think we identity with the person or people who create music and that has a big effect on how we actually feel about the music. For me, music is very powerful. So much in fact, that I listen when I meditate, so it helps me focus and I also turn up the tunes when I’m creating concepts for my stories. I can’t listen when I’m actually in writing mode though because I find that it will take me out of the universe I’m trying to create.

I’ve shared my fascination and wonder about music, so now it’s your turn. Are you a music lover too? How does it help you? Share and discuss below.

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