Summer Slaycation Goals

It may be warm where you are, but the official start of summer begins in a few weeks on June 20th. Excited? I am! Usually when the sun hits the sand, most of us want to jet out of town to go on vacation. That’s a lovely idea! Who wouldn’t want to discover a new location with their friends and family in tow or solo? Just imagining the sights, sounds, nightlife and food are making me want to get away myself, but the SLAYCATION of your dreams can be whatever you want it to be.

You don’t necessarily have to go out of town or even out of the country. You can stay at home and have a great time. Or if you do want to travel, you can depart from the norm like going to beaches and sightseeing. The following are five ideas to pump up your summer plans:

  • Make a list of 10-20 events in your area and space your time out over the summer and attend them all. Invite your friends and family along and document your activities so you can create a video or photo album that you can look back on to remember what a great time you had at home.
  • Check out travel bloggers like Drew Binsky and others. A lot of them share tips on how you can get the best bang for your buck while traveling outside of the country. You can also get ideas for new activities to participate in while on vacation instead of doing the same things you usually do.
  • Volunteer for an organization you’re passionate about for the summer. Whether it’s helping to build houses or rehabbing parks, doing something for others will give you a positive spark and you’ll also meet and make new friends that you can interact with outside of your volunteer duties. You can do this in your hometown or on the road.
  • Take a class and learn something new. Want to play the piano, learn a language or how to swim? Why not devote your summer to sharpen a skill or learn a new one? Guess what? While you’re doing this, there will be others doing the same thing! New friend alert! Again, you can do this from the comfort of your city or search fun locations away from home to get your learning on.
  • Create a food journal. Each week challenge yourself to try or cook some new foods. Share your activities on Instagram. Imagine all of the fun you will have at those new restaurants, cook-outs, music festivals or in your own or friend’s kitchens over the span of the summer? You may even find a new hobby or creative passion. Food bloggers are quite the rage these days!                                                                                         

Now that I’ve shared some ideas, are you ready to have the best summer of your life? I hope so! Share in the comments how you will spend your Slaycation!

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