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LOST KNIGHT Series Review Round-Up

My readers are amazing! I feel honored and grateful every day. 🙂

​4/5 Stars​
“The Lost Knight by Candy Atkins is a welcome answer to the gap left after the final book in the Harry Potter series.”
-Dr. Jane Nixon White

​4/5 Stars​
“The ocean scene in particular I think should be mandatory reading for all teens due to the craft as much as the message.”
-Author J.D. Estrada

4 / 5 Stars
“It was so refreshing to see a main character who doesn’t have a lot of skills and is scared of things, yet tries to put on a brave face to do what she has to. The ending of this book left me wanting to know what happens next and I can’t wait to read the next one.”Reading with Wrin

​5/5 Stars​
“Even though The Lost Knight Series is meant for the youngest side of YA, Atkins writes with a maturity and an expectation of the reader that’s unparalleled in this genre, while keeping it fun, well-paced and easy to read. The Lost Knight series is a future classic. And I can’t wait to see what happens in The Lost World.” -Amazon Reviewer, The Lost Girl

​5/5 Stars​
“​I know everyone has been saying this, but I’ll add my voice to the chorus: There is no romance.​ ​None at all. The main character is 13 and has no love interest. None of the side characters have any romantic subplot. It was very refreshing.​” -The Vintage Bookworm

The Lost Knight Series 4-Star Review
Available Now on Amazon!

New LOST KNIGHT Series Reviews + Mad Love for My Readers!

Amazing reviews are pouring in for my Lost Knight series, and I can’t stop smiling. A huge thank-you to my readers for the love!

The Lost Knight: Volume I
Volume One: Now Available!


4/5 Stars

“Reading this book made me feel like a teenager once again; it made me feel so young and alive… Looking for a book which brings a new outlook to the fantasy genre; perfect for reading at any age… Stop right here!!!”

~Preeti’s Panorama

4/5 Stars

“You can walk on the ocean, interact with Pegasus, Unicorns, Faeries, and Elves, or have Disney like adventures. Candy Atkins provides everything in this book except thankfully another yet overused romance plot. It’s about time a YA author managed to write a beautifully enchanting adventure without requiring her female character to meet, fall in love and need a man.”

5/5 Stars

“The world building is expertly done… Even though this book was the set up for the series it’s well paced with tension in ever chapter. I had trouble putting it down. I’m glad I already have Book 2, The Lost Girl because I had to know what happens next.”



The Lost Girl: Lost Knight, Volume II
Volume II: Now Available!


5/5 Stars

“Characters that are vivid and fully dimensional but imperfect so you can believe in their actions and motivations… Atkins proves she has a great sense of humor which shines through her characters and the story making it a fun, leisurely-paced and easy to read book. Even though it’s part of the YA genre there’s a maturity to how she writes that makes it quite effortless for adults to still to enjoy this series. She just makes reading pleasurable again!”

4.5/5 Stars

“I really love this series, and I enjoyed this new novel in the series. I thought The Lost Girl was another great read for both younger readers and older readers alike.”

~Maine Wife’s Life

5/5 Stars

“I really enjoyed myself reading this book and I am not entirely sure how I am going to wait for the next book! I loved revisiting this world and all the characters that came with it and I feel like I have an extra special bond with our MC after everything she went through in this book! I cannot wait to see what happens next… especially after that ending!!!!!!!”

~Lauren’s Page Turners

5/5 Stars

“If Hermione and Frodo had a baby her name would be Agatha.” ~Veilsnekmna

How Books & Pets Are The Same

True book lovers know that reading is one of the best things you can do for your mind and imagination. Pet lovers probably treasure their furry friends just as much as bibliophiles value their book collections. The correlation between books and pets is a strong one. Just like we treasure our pets and take good care of them, we do the same for our beloved books. You want more ways that show how books and pets are similar?

Here are a few:

  • We can spend hours engrossed in our books and pets. They are just that magical.
  • If we even think we’ve lost either of them, we’re likely to spazz out.
  • A book/pet is a girl’s/guy’s best friend.
  • We learn amazing things about life from them.
  • They both take us on amazing life journeys.
  • You can’t only have just one.
  • They help us make friends with others.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. People who love to read share a lot of similar traits with people who crush on pets too. Book and pet fans are often imaginative, sensitive, loving, loners, or very gregarious, friendly and shy. Our books and pets allow us to get lost in something pure without being afraid of being judged.

Are you a pet and book lover? What do you like about your pet that you can relate to how much you love books? Share with us below in the comments!

What They Are Saying About The Lost Knight

It’s been almost a month since the release of my new book, The Lost Knight, the story about a shy and insecure 13-year-old teenager who’s asked to do the impossible! It has been a whirlwind getting the book launched. Newsflash kids, book publishing is hard work, but oh so rewarding!  Speaking of rewards, I am super thrilled with the reviews and responses I’ve been receiving from fans and readers.


If you haven’t gotten the chance to purchase the book yet, you can do so here and here.

I also have a cool book trailer you can watch too! Check it out here!  

Thanks to all of the readers who picked up the book and have posted their reviews. I’m happy to share a few of them here:

Carol P. – This is a great, clean read. I highly recommend it. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.”

Janice N. – “The book held my interest from the first chapter. The storyline was very easy to follow, and I would highly recommend it as a great book to read.”

Terry“I read this book to make sure it was age appropriate for my daughter. She is an advanced reader, and it’s really hard to find a book that will entertain and keep her immersed and still meet my strict criteria of NO bad words, partying and/or drinking, smoking, or sexual references. This book delivers a great storyline which hooks immediately and keeps the tween/adult reader enthralled and gives a peace of mind to my fellow helicopter moms. Not only did she love it, she can hardly wait for the next one.”

Amazon Reader“Loved this book start to finish. I love reading a series of books and looking forward to the next one. I’ve had “readers’ block” for several years and have been looking for a book to get me jump started again. This certainly did it and I’m looking forward to the next one. Highly recommend this book.”

If you would like to see more reviews, subscribe to my YouTube channel. I will be featuring video testimonials from my Wanderers, my group of book fans.

To those who are still reading, please share your reviews on Amazon. I would truly appreciate it! You can also share your thoughts below. Happy Reading!  

YA-Fantastic Reviews for The Lost Knight!

This is a young adult fantasy that is full of humor. The main character is a 13 year old girl and the author nails it! The character’s thoughts and actions are just what you would expect from a 13 year old girl. Agatha lost her parents at a young age. She was raised by what she thought was an aunt and uncle. She wondered why they never showed her any love. Then shortly after her 13th birthday she was abducted by a Knight Crawler that looked like the Grim Reaper. Then the adventure begins. This is a great, clean read. I highly recommend it. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

YA-Fantastic Reviews for THE LOST KNIGHT by Candy Atkins


Do You Book Riot or BookCon?

You don’t have to be a writer to love going to book conferences. In fact, people who love to read or are just publishing nerds can get a lot out of frequenting these events.

If you live in the Chicago area, you were just treated to BEA (Book Expo of America) which was held at McCormick Place. The yearly book feast is the largest publishing event in North America and usually held in New York at the Javits Center, but The Windy City got a chance to host it in 2016.

Aside from the 3 days of exhibits and book funnery of the main conference, on the 4th day is when the magic happens for book lovers. BookCon, is less for book publishing professionals like librarians, book vendors, authors and salespeople who sell publishing items and products, but more for people who love to read and fan out over their favorite authors!


While BEA is a more comprehensive book event catering to most aspects of the publishing business, the Bookcon event which was launched in 2014,  is more fun and features Q&A’s and games with authors, book fan activities like literary quiz shows and more. It’s like Santacon, just for books. Fans often line up for hours before the one day event opens and it truly makes authors feel like they are rock stars!

A similar book conference which was introduced to the publishing community in 2015, is Book Riot.  It’s a smaller scale event, but also offers the chance for book nerds to gather, network and meet their favorite authors. This event also offer informative and educational panels with subjects ranging from how a book gets made to what publishers want. The next event takes place in November in New York.

Insider Tip: If you attend Book Riot and have a hankering for sweets, you’ll have to visit Underwest Donuts which is just around the corner from the event space! You won’t be disappointed!  


Have you ever attended either of these events? Do you plan to in the future? Share your book event experiences below!

LOST KNIGHT Official Book Trailer

I’m on the run with the Grim Reaper and a scary soldier. And I’m no longer on Earth. Now I’m expected to be a Knight and a savior to prevent war and the invasion of Earth. But they grabbed the wrong girl. I just don’t know how to tell them.

Buy It @:
KindleAmazon Paperback

(More retailers soon to come)!

The Lost Knight, Volume 1 is Available!

The Lost Knight by Candy Atkins
Available Now!

After countless days and nights of writing, editing, researching and “authoring” (i.e. pacing, procrastinating, and pulling words together), my book, The Lost Knight, Volume 1, a story about a 13-year-old teen who is not smart, brave, or strong who’s asked to do the impossible, is available for purchase at major retailers!

Where can you get it? It’s available NOW on and will soon be at Barnes & Noble, Book-A-Million, Apple Books and more.

To read an excerpt and get a snapshot of what the book is about, please feel free to browse around the blog and to click here for more. Also, our Lost Series page will take you even deeper into this new YA fantasy adventure.

You can share your thoughts and interact with other Wanderers here on the website and also on my social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr!

Happy Reading!