Lost Girl Giveaway Fun and Free Reads

We’re excited to announce the winner of our newsletter subscriber giveaway is Karen T.! Karen has won a signed copy of The Lost Knight, and a signed copy of The Lost Girl. Yay!
Also, everyone who signed up will be receiving a free read from book two, The Lost Girl.
We’re going to have random drawings for prizes, free books/reads and exclusives on a pretty regular basis for our Lost Knight Wanderers, so feel free to sign up and get in on the action!


Also: did you know you can read chapters 1-3 from The Lost Knight right here at CandyAtkins.com? Yep – it’s a thing. Enjoy! 🙂


The Lost Girl: Book 2 Cover + Giveaways

Have you seen the new cover for book two, The Lost Girl yet? It’s been making the blog rounds over the last week, and we are also giving away a signed copy along with a signed copy of The Lost Knight (book one)!
There are two ways to win:
1. Enter the raffle-copter contest simply by signing up here.
This contest ends at midnight Thursday morning, so get in your entry today or tomorrow!
2. Sign up to be a Lost Knight Wanderer – my free, low-volume, zero-spam newsletter.
We will choose at random one winner from the list.
Also, anyone who signs up for my newsletter will receive free sample chapters of The Lost Girl. 
This contest ends on Friday, 11/18.
A huge shout-out to all of the bloggers out there who love books. You make the world a better place for readers and for writers!

The Lost Girl by Candy Atkins: Book 2 In The Lost Knight Series
New Cover! Book 2 in The Lost Knight Series