How Traveling Can Spark Your Creativity

Who doesn’t love to travel? Well, perhaps the crowded airports, missed flights or cramped busses and trains may not be so much fun, but when you reach your destination you’re ready to forget all of the inconveniences that can pop up, right? After you relax and clean up after your grueling trip across the states or around the world, take some deep breaths and prepare to be awestruck!

Whether you decide to go backpacking, visit a Caribbean region or take a learning vacation out of the country, make sure to capitalize on the ways you can use your travel experiences to spark your creativity. Here are some ways you can use what you’re experiencing and learning to amplify your creative pursuits when you get back home:

  • Document your travels. Take a notebook with you or use social media to share what you’re seeing so you can reflect on it later. Sometimes when we meet new people or experience new foods, it can awaken our own creativity. If you’re a writer, chef, actress or trying to find your creative niche, this can be very helpful.
  • Create an art piece that illustrates what you learned on your vacation. This can be a poem, sculpture, art installation, song, or anything artistic. Share your art with children in your life and/or community so you can inspire them too!
  • Take the initiative to interview someone while you’re away. Something they share with you may tickle your creative fancy. Quite often, artistic projects are born out of ideas from others.
  • Before you leave, make an appointment to meet with a representative from the Visitors Bureau in the area you’re traveling to. These tourism professionals can enlighten you on many things about the area that you never knew and some of that knowledge may ignite some creative ideas for you.
  • Try as many new foods as you can. Take pictures and video as well. For most, food is fuel, but for artistic people, food is love, life, magic, inspiration, history, culture and art!

Excited? You should be. Who knows how many cool ideas you’ll come back home with!

Have you used anything you’ve learned while traveling as a jump off point to create something? How has traveling helped you be more creative? Share with us in the comments! We all want to be inspired!

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