Why I Love YA Fiction

There are many book genres and most times, adults are automatically presumed to like either mysteries, romance or other popular mass market books geared toward adults. Well, I love to read and write YA! As I shared in a previous post, this is my favorite type of book to escape into. I admire different types of stories, but there is just something special about fantasy YA for me.
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I Love Books

When I’m not writing, I’m reading. That is a writer’s life isn’t it? There is something thrilling about cracking open a book and delving into a new tale. Buying books for me is like purchasing plane tickets to undisclosed locations. Stepping onto a 747 is akin to turning the first page. Sinking into the first couple of chapters is a trip down the airstrip and when the story hits its stride and hooks me it’s like a successful lift off and landing all at once. Finishing a good book feels like the end of a vacation. You’re happy you went on the journey and you’ll flashback often to remember the things that intrigued and touched you. If the excursion was especially memorable, you’ll take the trip again and again.
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I Create Because…

As we count down the days to the launch of The Lost Knight Volume I, the first book in my six-part series, I am reminded why I like the art of creating. I’m sure every kind of artist whether they are photographers, painters, actors, singers, dancers or jewelry or clothing designers all have their favorite things they love about doing practicing their craft.

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The Magic of Music

What is it about music that it can make us scream with delight when our favorite artists hit the stage or take us back to the very moment we fell in love or got our hearts broken?

Songs are magical because they can tell our life stories better than we can. You know that one melody which can sum up a whole summer or how certain albums can serve as the backdrop for years of your life.

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Why Playing Video Games is Important

As someone who likes to play video games, I’m here to tell you that it is vital to my well-being. Seriously. Yes, exercise, eating right and living a purposeful life is very important and I totally subscribe to doing those things, but if video games weren’t included in the equation, I know I wouldn’t be as fulfilled or happy.

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If We All Were Unicorns

As a writer of YA fantasy fiction, sometimes I’m known to go on flights of fancy so today I’d like to explore unicorns which I find beautiful and enchanting. I think in life we’re most affected by limitations, restrictions and barriers. As a writer, I love the ability to stretch, break and demolish anything that may hinder as I see fit. Now, we know that in our daily lives we may not be able to do that. Unicorns though.

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