Why I Love YA Fiction

There are many book genres and most times, adults are automatically presumed to like either mysteries, romance or other popular mass market books geared toward adults. Well, I love to read and write YA! As I shared in a previous post, this is my favorite type of book to escape into. I admire different types of stories, but there is just something special about fantasy YA for me.

What I especially love about it is that you get to make your own rules. Reading about a world where children murder each other for the entertainment of the capital citizens or where you play a video game in order to annihilate an invasive species is thrilling. I’m also always curious to see what rules authors create for themselves in these no holds barred worlds.

From the writing standpoint, I like making the rules. I’m always interested in social conventions. We do so many things automatically because we’ve been trained since birth to do them. It’s the automatic, no thought needed, rules that fascinate me. I also like to play around with time. I like to break the rules by not using time travel in my books. Paradoxes make my brain unravel. As a writer, I get to flex my literary muscles when I write YA. I love creating worlds and characters that can do amazing things outside of the realm of possibility for non-YA characters.

From the perspective of a reader, I love being taken on journeys to locations that I know don’t exist in real life. It allows me to escape and truly enjoy the story that much more. Sometimes when tales take place in real places, I may become lifted from the story if I’ve been to the location because I’m trying to figure out if the writer created a correct description of the surroundings or neighborhoods. With YA most times, you don’t have this problem. None of us have been Hogwarts or the future Chicago depicted in Divergent.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Do you love YA too? Why? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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